Womens Style Haircut $25.00

Mens Style Haircut $25.00

Haircuts are an essential part of hair care and maintenance.

You generally need a haircut at least every 6 to 8 weeks for your hair to stay strong and healthy.

The qualified hair stylists at Hair Colosseum understand what to look for to give you the best style…face shape, hair texture, growth patterns and lifestyle. Working out the best style for you and your hair is our skill.

So what makes a great haircut?

A great haircut does a lot! It enhances your natural beauty, adds to your self-confidence and makes you feel like a million dollars.

It fits superbly with your lifestyle.  If you have ample time to do your hair or if you want to wash and go…a great haircut can help you either way.

womens haircut

Get your great haircut from Hair Colosseum


Great haircuts complement your look

Great haircuts also complement and round out your entire look, from your make-up to your dress, right down to your accessories.

There is, however, one other point that we almost forgot to mention…

Great haircuts come from a great hairdresser

No amount of consultations, pictures or explanations will be enough if the hairdresser you use doesn’t understand your needs.  A good hairdresser knows how to cut out weight without cutting length.

They also know how to work with your type of hair, be it thick or thin, straight or curly, long or short.

We are open all day, every day…even Sundays, so come in at a time convenient to you.

The qualified hair stylists at Hair Colosseum are there to help you with all your hair styling and colouring needs. 

We use only quality products that are gentle on your scalp and keep your hair shiny and healthy.