Keratin Treatment

Are you looking for the best keratin treatment for your hair?

Keratin treatments are becoming more popular as women and celebrities discover the magic of straight, lush looking hair.

Hair Colosseum, at Roselands and Miranda, is able to help you get that keratin hair straightening glamour look at a great price.

Keratin hair treatment is suitable for coloured or highlighted hair, fine or coarse, frizzy or curly.

The 3 step process promises totally smooth hair with volume reduction and frizz elimination.

Jump out of bed and be ready to look fabulous for your day with smooth, silky hair. Its easy with Keratin straightening and the take home products.

keratin treatment

Look great with a Keratin treatment near me at Hair Colosseum

Drop in while the kids are at school to our conveniently located hair salons and walk out with easy to manage hair.

Look great, feel confident.

best keratin treatment

What is the best Keratin treatment?

The Seamless1 Keratin treatment is a new generation of organic hair straightening that does not contain formaldehyde, ammonia, or hydroxide. This means no smell, no fumes, no smoke.

It is safe for irritable scalps and contains glyoxylic acid, or its derivatives and Vitamin E.
Experts have found these are the best products to relax and smooth the hair without the use of harsh chemicals.

Together with the complete home care range, the S1 Keratin treatment can last up to 12 weeks. This gives you hair that looks and feels amazing much longer than any other product on the market.

Remove the frizz and the fuss with Keratin hair straightening. It’s gentle on your hair and saves time in your busy mornings.

Drop in anytime at our Roselands or Miranda hair salons

Our qualified hair stylists can assist you with the best Keratin treatment for your hair.

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