Shiseido Japanese Hair Straightening

From $99.00 with a style cut

Are you frustrated with the amount of time it takes to maintain your hair only to be caught in the rain and have the frizz return?

Maybe Shiseido Japanese Hair Straightening will give you the results you want.

This is the only product on the market that promises permanent results for super straight hair.

Just think how much easier your morning routine will be with hair that is ready when you are!

japanese hair straightening

No formaldehyde or other dangerous chemicals are used in the solution.

It is one of the few permanent and safe solutions on the market and has massive benefits.
shiseido japanese hair straightening

So how does it work?

The treatment is a combination of two technologies…heat and a re-bonding solution.  The process does take some time, depending on your hair thickness and length.

Firstly, a protective solution is worked into your hair to prevent damage.  Then another solution is used to change the bonds in your hair that create curls and waves.  These bonds are then straightened with a hair straightener. 

For best results, do not wet or put your hair up for about 2 days so the treatment can set properly.  

If you have a busy schedule this will reduce the time spent “doing” your hair.  Also, save money by not having to purchase new tools or products to keep your mane maintained.  Humid and rainy days are also a problem of the past as this will help you achieve a long lasting, well maintained style.

The Shiseido Japanese Hair Straightening treatment lasts for about 6 months before a touch up is required.  The procedure has permanent effect on your hair as it changes the structure of your strands.

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